Here for free download is the first part of a 4-part compilation / mixtape / mammoth playlist I made a year ago, inspired by the Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions.

  1. A Wonderful Phrase By Gandhi – THE BOOKS
  2. Two Weeks Of Hip Hop (Dead Prez vs Grizzly Bear) – THE HOOD INTERNET
  3. Disappointed Bride – THE HEARTS
  4. Don’t Believe Him – WINSTON SAMUELS
  5. King Pharoah Dub – KING TUBBY
  6. Adderech Arada (Kiddid Remix) – DEBO BAND AND KIDDID
  7. El Sapo / Crees Que Soy Sexy  – BANDA LOS HIJOS DE LA NINA LUZ
  8. Jump Guarachero (Orion Guarachero Edit) – 16 BIT vs. DJ LEO
  9. Screechie Across The Border – COURTNEY MELODY
  10. Just1LoveBug  – THEO PARRISH
  11. La Bamba (Ritchie Valens) –  MEXICANS WITH GUNS
  12. Wassila  – HAMZA
  13. Pasion Oriental – LOS DESTELLOS
  14. (I’m Always Touched) By Your Presence Dear  – THE ART MUSEUMS
  15. Sindhi Bhairvin – THE ABSTRACTS
  16. The Book Lovers  – BROADCAST
  17. Gon Som Meri Kon Mdong (Please Just One More Movie, Daddy) – ROS SEREYSOTHEA AND HOUY MEAS
  18. The Mod Trade – BLACK BEATS
  19. Jaaneman Jaaneman  – CHARANJIT SINGH
  20. Lam Toey Chaweewan – CHAWEEWAN DUMNERN
  21. Home Is Where The Hatred Is (Onur Engin Edit) – ESTHER PHILLIPS

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