This was a loud bass-and-beats mixtape/compilation to follow the quiet times of Morvern, also assembled in October. At the time I was reading about the voice in popular music for a chapter I was writing on MC culture in the UK. So there are some great voices on here (not only MCs), as well as some of my favourite beat science of recent months. Some memorable music videos for many of these tunes too.

  1. Kool FM — FOUR TET
  2. New Throat Fe Chat — NINJAMAN
  3. 100% Publishing (EAN Grime Refix) –WILEY
  4. Diss Mi Army (featuring MISS RED) — THE BUG
  5. Speak  — INGA COPELAND
  6. Werkin’ Girls — ANGEL HAZE
  7. Spa Day – LE1F
  8. Kush Coma (featuring A$AP ROCKY & ZELOOPERZ) — DANNY BROWN
  9. Mega Church (featuring OPTIMUM) — IKONIKA
  11. I Don’t Give a Fuck — DJ RASHAD
  12. Mad Hatter — DVA
  13. Fuck Diamond — JESSY LANZA
  14. Throw — LAUREL HALO
  15. Big Boy Hide Your Hands — DONNA CHAMBRAY
  16. Road — WEN
  17. HazeBoogie — MYKKI BLANCO
  18. Prescient — VISIONIST
  19. Dyslogy — DEMDIKE STARE


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